The Water Fall

Title : The Water Fall

Painting Type : NAtural Pigment on Canvas

Size : 24'' x 45''

Year :

The Chantings

Title : The Chantings

Painting Type : Natural pigments on canvas

Size : 43'' x 34''

Year :

Badam Tree

Title : Badam Tree

Painting Type : Natural Pigments on canvas

Size : 43'' x 34''

Year :


Title : Untitled

Painting Type : Vegetable dyes on canvas

Size : 40 x 50

Year :

Quite a man

Title : Quite a man

Painting Type : Gold leaf and pigments on canvas

Size : 20'' x 28''

Year :

Yellow tree

Title : Untitled

Painting Type : Tempera on paper

Size : 12'' x 12''

Year :


Born in Punjab in 1956.

Sidharth started painting sign boards while still at school, but later progressed by learning the Thangka painting technique from the Tibetan monks at Dharmashala for six years. He holds a Diploma in painting from college of Art,Chandigarh, trained in glass blowing, Sweden and techniques of Madhubani paintings and Kashmir papier-mache crafts and other Asian and Oriental techniques from various master craftsperson. He has done detailed studies on mineral and vegetable pigments. The author of Neti Neti, he has made 15 documentaries on Indian Temple Art & Architecture.

He lives and works in Delhi, India.

He has held numerous solo shows and participated in 80 group shows in India & Abroad.
  • Several International awards.