Reproduction of modern masters to produce exclusive memento’s, corporate gifts and other artefacts in copper, ceramics, tableware’s – cloth products like silk scarves and stoles, T-shirts etc
Ceramic mugs & plates
  • Yusuf Arakkal – From the various  series – Kite, Still life, Figurative, Ink drawing ,In Solitude
  • Ink drawing ,In Solitude
  • Laxma Goud’s- Figurative in water colours
  • T. Vaikuntam’s -Telungana women in Acrylic on canvas
  • R.B. Bhaskaran’s- Cat Series
  • Achuthan Kudallur’s – Abstract works
  • S.G.Vasudev’s-  B/W drawing[break]
Signed reproductions/prints from the artists:
  • M.F.Hussain
  • Jogen Choudhury
  • Yusuf Arakkal
  • S.G.Vasudev
  • R.B. Bhaskaran
  • Achuthan Kudallur
  • Shamshad Hussain
  • Babu Xavier
  • Laxma Goud
  • T. Vaikuntam
  • and other young promising artists
Silk Scarves, Stoles & T-shirts
Yusuf Arakkal’s – images from different series.  
Copper Etchings
Using senior artist’s drawings on different sizes.  
Book & CD
  in Solitude- Book and CD.   A Yusuf Arakkal Biography as a collector’s item.      
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