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An Contemporary Indian Art Gallery

The story of ‘Galerie Sara Arakkal’ is the story of a great journey. The very idea of this gallery has its roots in ‘Art in crafts’, which was established in 1997, mainly focusing on reproductions, artifacts and crafts.

- Galerie Sara Arakkal Inventory -


A modern take on a 400 year old traditional Indian art form - celebrate Lord Krishna with our stylized pichwai paintings.


A curated range of chairs and seating options that spell comfort and make a style statement wherever they're placed.

Limited Editions Paints

An eclectic range of old, rare and precious collectibles that carry incredible stories and history within themselves.

Reproduction On Canvas

A collection of masterpieces by India's most acclaimed modern artists - signed, numbered, affordable and investment worthy!


Yusuf Arakkal

Internationally renowned artist Yusuf Arakkal is known for his vibrant mixed media door paintings, that evoke memories of simpler times in rural India.

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